Alevy Student Delegation to Aipac

Students from San Luis Obispo Hillel, part of the Alevy Delegation.

The Alevy Family sponsored students from schools across California to attend the annual AIPAC Policy Conference in Washington DC, March 2020.

A shout out to our AIPAC Delegates! Thank you for participating in this incredibly important conference!

Building the Jewish future

Mission to Tanzania

Kudos to Dr. Brandy Hattendorf and The Save a Child’s Heart organization! This years mission to Tanzania taken together with Israel’s MASHAV development cooperation was an amazing success! The team of 32 members from Israel and the US including cardiologists and specialists treated over 70 children. The team received special recognition and a heartwarming thank you from Tanzania’s president John Magufuli.
The Alevy Foundation is grateful to have been a part of this lifesaving endeavor through sponsorship of a physician for The Save a Child’s Heart Tanzania mission.

Special Shoutout To Our Sponsors